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Mission Statement:


Marvin Foreign Language Magnet strives to be a student-centric learning environment that is focused on the potential and achievement of its pupils in all aspects of the curriculum.  Integrated into this environment is a foreign language program where students are exposed to, and seek proficiency in, a foreign language and culture that will, to their eyes and mind, reveal a wider world brimming with opportunities and experiences.


Belief Statement:


Marvin Foreign Language Magnet, its faculty, staff, parents, and students, are driven by the belief that:


  • Every child has an inalienable right to a quality education.
  • Every child has the capacity to reach and exceed his or her potential.
  • Every child has the ability to master his or her grade level curriculum.
  • Every child will be prepared to experience a future filled with diverse languages and cultures.


Vision Statement:


Marvin Foreign Language Magnet offers its students an educational experience that is squarely focused on their future in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.  That world will demand of its leaders and productive members not only the ability to lead and to produce, but be able to do so in distant lands and in foreign tongues.

Our Magnet team of teachers are passionate and dedicated teachers.  They strive to create a positive and engaging environment for all students from various age and backgrounds.  Learning a new language can be daunting.
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