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Coffee with the Principal - Friday, February 14, 2020 @ 8:30 am.

Ms. Chau

Welcome Back to an AMAZING 2019- 2020 school year!         
We are excited to have our students back for another great year of learning and growth at Marvin Language Magnet! For two years in a row, Marvin was awarded the 'Excelling Magnet' by Los Angeles Unified's Student Integration Services - a high honor recognizing our collective achievements in attendance, test scores and other criteria. We could not have done this without our hard-working, magnificent Magnet teachers and our wonderful students. Other changes and improvements are on the horizon this academic year.                      In addition to welcoming Ms. Yuri Gonzalez, a Marvin veteran, into our Magnet program as a 5th grade teacher, we are also adding a second 2nd grade class this year into our award-winning program. These and other advancements are sure to continue to propel our school into a successful future for all.
I look forward to working with the parents to continue the improvement of our magnet school, and to maximize the educational opportunities we provide for our students at Marvin Magnet. Together with our teachers, we can make our school an example unto others in the district, the city, the state of California - and the nation. Please feel free to reach out to me personally if any questions or concerns arise, and if you would like to share in the continued success of our mission here at Marvin Magnet by volunteering...or donating goods or services.
To bring our school firmly into the 21st century, Marvin Avenue works at supporting technology-driven classrooms and community engagement and to ensure that all students have access to all the resources presently at our disposal. My work includes this important element of inclusion, adaptation, modernization and of course, support. All teachers, administrators, students - and their parents - know that my door is always open to them. It's an exciting time to be an educator and I am proud to help lead Marvin Avenue Elementary into this new world of information and technology. We are ready for the challenge and your children are all beneficiaries of our continuing work here.

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