About Mrs. Nava

Hello parents and families of Marvin Avenue Elementary! As you all know, my name is Mrs. Nava and I am so pleased to be your child's teacher! This is my 17th year of teaching TK/kindergarten (14 of them here at Marvin Elementary :). I received my masters and credential from Loyola Marymount University (not too far from Marvin). I grew up on David Avenue (also not too far from Marvin). I have and will always be driven to serve my community no matter what it takes! I am 38 years old and have been very disciplined and worked very hard all of my life! I am married, and have two beautiful kids (ages 3 and 7)! One of them, my son, attends Marvin Elementary as well. Therefore I have strong Marvin Pride and will always give my all, do my best and be incredibly sincere for the sake of our kids who are OUR FUTURE/ OUR EVERYTHING!