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Winter Holiday Program Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018. K-2 @ 8:30 am, 3-5 @ 1:00 pm
Ms. Velez » Welcome to Fourth Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade

Dear Parents and Students, 
     I look forward to an exciting year full of lots of learning.  You can start the school year successfully with the following tips:
          *Be in school every day and on time (7:55 AM)
          *Make sure you sleep 10-11 hours and eat a healthy breakfast.
          *Read 20-30 minutes every day.
          *Watch only 30 min. or less of T.V./video games per day on school nights.
          *Please make sure you complete your homework on time. Pack it in your backpack.
          *Have a quiet study area at home with helpful materials like paper, pencils, erasers, crayons,       
           scissors, glue, and dictionary. 
          *Show your family what you learned today. Then practice and review, if necessary.
          *Keep past work in a bag or shoebox at home to practice and review on weekends and vacation.
          *Bring healthy snacks to school; NO JUNK FOOD, please.
 School-Wide Rules: 
           "Be safe, be responsible, be respectful"
Classroom Rules:
   1. Please follow directions
   2. Keep your hands, feet, objects to yourself
   3. Show respect
   1. Warning
   2. Time Out (5-10 min. recess)
   3. Letter/ Phone Call home
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